Bullshit-Free Witchcraft is a monthly podcast on the Modern Witchcraft movement, minus any extraneous, well, bullshit. Look, aesthetics are great, and none of us would be here if we didn’t love the mystery — but there’s a lot of misinformation floating around, and this podcast aims to dispell it.

It’s a show designed to cater to all ranges of experience — from those who have been witches for decades to those just starting out. We hope there’s something here for everyone.

New episodes come out the last Saturday of the month.

About the Host:

Trae has been a practicing witch for over 20 years. Specifically they are a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan who follows a simplist tradition.

Trae currently lives in Eau Claire, WI with their wife.

Besides Bullshit-Free Witchcraft, Trae is also the producer and co-host of fortnightly geek podcast Nerd & Tie and the daily history podcast On This Day With Trae. They also are the artist and writer of the webcomics UnCONventional and The Chronicles of Crosarth.

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